10 reasons why you should visit Armenia

I took a trip to Armenia early this year. Here are my recommendations and I hope it will inspire you to travel to this wonderful country

Armenia is a country of pleasure, history and culture. Lots of amazing facts in store. Maybe visit the Ararat brandy factory or the Zvarnots ruins. Here are some great reasons why you should visit Armenia!

  1. Food: A trip in Armenia isn’t complete without one of its fantastic cuisines. Here are some delicacies that you can try!

Basturma: This is a great dish to try with family and friends! It comes with bread strips and is a curved piece of beef or chicken with a spicy touch. Basturma is a great dish to try with the Armenian local red wine.

Clay pot dishes: Clay pot dishes are very popular in Armenia. I would recommend the Lamb stewed in beer with honey and prunes. It’s safe for children. I would also recommend the chicken cooked in yogurt. This dish is tasty and will probably melt in your mouth like literally. Those are some amazing delightful dishes that I will recommend.

2. Dancing waterfalls: This is the most popular entertaining program in Armenia with different sizes of fountains dancing up and down with the beat of music. Sometimes people get into the water and dance with them. You can do that too! I’m just warning you that the water Is very cold. In the summer it can reach a high of two degrees and in winter it will become an ice skating ring!

3. At the Ararat brandy factory watch how they make Armenia’s whole brandy supply! The smell will be tempting for adults but not so much for children. The room smells like alcohol but children are still allowed inside. Maybe buy a brandy or two and you must go to the  brandy trying room. As the adults taste some brandy, the children eat mouth watering chocolates! They make their brandy from white grapes at the Ararat valleys.

4. Zvartnos ruins: If your looking for something historic you’ve got the right place! Here is a huge temple which was three stories tall and it was destroyed by an earthquake in the tenth century. The earthquake was very large because the temple was made of hard granite and it destroyed it all! You can also see inside a museum next to the ruins and see some original sun dials and bricks from hundreds and thousands of years ago! This place is truly filled of facts, knowledge and trivia! There also is a wine pressing ruin there. You can only see the part where the grapes are squeezed and stored in a huge barrel and left there to turn in to wine!

5. Armas vineyard: At the Armas wine vineyard you can take a tour around where they keep their grape plants. At first this place was only a patch of rocks and snakes until the owner of the vineyard cleared it all up and started to grow his own grape plants to make his own wine wine. This place is also filled with amazing activities such as, poker, table tennis and chess! Before all this you can have an amazing lunch where you can try three different types of wine that they produce! After you look at the grape plants you can go inside where they make their wine! You can see the barrels where they store the wine in and they will tell you about their bottles and corks. They apparently shipped in from France! You can also buy some of their most famous wines!

6. Saint Gregory’s dungeon in the Khor Virap Monastry: There was once a saint called Gregory and he was a catholic. In Armenia he tried to bring in catholic belief but the king didn’t want that to happen. That’s why they tied Gregory up and sent him into a dungeon which is six meters underground and filled with scorpions and snakes! He wasn’t allowed to drink any liquid and not allowed to eat anything but there was a lady who was delivering bread and water to him every day without the king an his army noticing! That’s how he survived there for thirteen years! Soon the king felt sick and Gregory was the only one who could heal him. After the king felt better he thanked Gregory and he was free to go! After that the Catholic faith was adopted and became Armenia’s new religion! During a tour there you can get down into the dungeon! There are no more snakes and scorpions.

7.Lake Sevan: Lake Sevan is always as busy as a bee! Lots of souvenir shops and emeralds for you to buy! The water is crystal clear and perfect for swimming in. Go inside one of the active monasteries and see some cross stones. Some symbolizing heaven and some symbolizing hell. In between Jesus Christ stands. The story of how Jesus was crucified is carved on rocks! Enjoy the nature and views. This is one of the places that you will never forget! It’s twelve hundred square feet and the only supply of fresh water in Armenia!

8. Dilijan: Dilijan is a place a nature and sightseeing! Maybe have a look at some of the old sundials or make a wish at the wishing tree. You can go inside a temple where the monks use to have their meals and chat together. Another temple has moving secret passages to hide their riches and important things if anyone attacks! You can also go on a secret waterfall trail and have a look at some amazing secrets that have been left untold!

9. Mountain Ararat: Ararat is a mountain that the Armenians pray too! It’s technically in Turkey but the mountain belongs to Armenia! It Is 172 meters! The geographical location of the mountain shifted from Armenia to Turkey in an earthquake. This mountain can reach up to minus fifty degrees Celsius. Nobody has ever climbed Ararat before!

10. Amazing Architecture: In Armenia experience some of the worlds oldest architecture! Maybe some old windows and doors or some old designs on houses! If you’re lucky people might ask you what you want as a design and put it on your hand as a tattoo! You can ask to have one of the oldest architecture in the world!

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  1. I loved your post dear Aadit….got to know a lot about the place and enjoyed reading the details about the different food, myself being a complete foodie. Will be waiting for your next trip details.All the best!

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