The Victoria Memorial, an artist’s impression, photographed at the ITC Royal Bengal

Oh yeah! Oh yes! It’s finally my summer holidays! After a long year of hard work I finally get 10 weeks off school. I know that’s a long time, but hey, that means a longer holiday. After the last day of school my mom comes to pick me up. I rush to the car and open the door. “Mom where are we going this summer,” I shout in joy. “We’re heading off to Kolkata. Yes that’s fantastic. Kolkata is in the eastern part of India my home city and there are lots of things to do! My cousin is there waiting for me to play with him and then there’s the Tollygunge (Tolly) club to play tennis, golf, table tennis, swimming and horse riding. There is the amazing Shamiana (which is like a cafe) where we eat a fantastic breakfast, lunch or dinner. I manly go to Tolly for tennis and breakfast. I can also stay with my grandparents. It’s so much fun!

“When are we going?” I ask mom, all excited. Guess what mom said. We’re gonna go tomorrow! I was jumping around in the car. Well, when we got home it was about 6:30pm. Not too long now. We were gonna leave in only 5 hours ( We were going to leave at 11:30 later that evening). After my bath and dinner I ran straight to bed, but was barely able to to catch a wink of sleep. Hooray, Hooray I yelled. Kolkata really is my favourite place to visit. When I woke up it was about ten o’clock. Everyone was ready to go. Goodbye, I waved to my house. And off we went.

Luckily the airport is just a 15 minute drive from my house. I asked mom what time we were going to board the plane. About 2 in the morning she said. We went to the luggage drop off section and what a surprise! We were the only ones at the queue. After the luggage drop off we headed straight to immigration and then we had to wait for our flight to arrive. Finally we boarded and I decided to take a power nap. Very soon it was time to land.

I looked out of the window to see the Kolkata airport. It was a familiar sight, but one that was always a happy one. An hour later it was time to leave the airport and guess what? My dad was waiting to pick my mom and I up from the airport. I gave him a hug and we were off. The weather was not too bad, despite the little rain the city has had this year. There was no traffic so it only took us about twenty minutes to get to my grandparents house.

My granddad gave me a big warm welcome hug and so did my grandmother. I was a bit sleepy so I jumped into bed and off I went to the land of dreams. The next morning I found out that my cousin was waiting for me. His name is Josh. He gave me a hug and so did my aunt. Josh and I played all day long and soon we were so exhausted. Soon Josh had to go home and I had to go to bed. Goodnight everyone.

On my second day I jumped out of bed early to go to Tolly club. I was gonna play some tennis with my dad. My dad said that they redid the courts and they were waiting for me to play on them. They certainly did look new. The clay was really soft and smooth too. My dad and I had a great hit and we made a rally of a hundred. After tennis we headed to the Tolly Shamiana to have an amazing breakfast. I ate a fried egg and a slice of toast.

When we got home I saw that Josh was here again! That was so cool. We played for a few hours and then he had to go. Then my mom told me to come with her to Ma Durga’s temple. Ma Durga’s temple is a place where many Indian’s go to pray. She is known as Bengal’s Mother Goddess. She has ten hands and three eyes. Off we went. It was really quiet in the temple so My mom and I took prayed for a while and then got home. For lunch that day we had my special butter chicken that my grand mom had cooked. Butter chicken is when the chicken gets smothered in yogurt butter and tomato curry and eaten with butter naan or roti or flatbreads. It is very creamy and delicious. For the rest of the afternoon I painted, lazed around as the fans whirred by, played a game of Uno with my grandparents and generally had it easy.

A few days later mom took me to my other grandparents’ place, that’s my mom’s dad and mom. Over there I can play the piano and enjoy some badminton with my granddad. It’s gonna be so fun! Grandad had already planned a dinner for us on the eve of his birthday celebrations so we were very excited about that. It was at a very old golf club, where we played a bit of golf at the putting greens and then had a lovely meal.

My grand parents home is very beautiful with a large winding stairway and a piano, big soft beds and a loft above the kitchen. I love practicing my tunes on the piano. My grand mom cooks many things I love, such as a prawn curry, some chicken and a malai paneer. Kolkata is all about food. everything I eat is so delicious .

On my granddad’s big birthday we went to a very fancy hotel in Kolkata, ITC Royal Bengal. There was a buffet that spread across a whole floor and I lost the count of dishes. First there was some starters. There was some soup and something called pani puri. I love pani puri. Then after that there was chicken drumsticks and corn on the cob. There was many more dishes. More than one 50 dishes. I ate some marsh mellows for dessert and ice cream. For the main course I had some mutton, biriani, papadums, and achaar. After that we explored the hotel. We looked at the water fall and some famous pictures. Tonight was the best night I had in Kolkata so far.

My holiday in Kolkata has really been cool. I really haven’t gone visiting its monuments and old palaces. Neither have I explored its streets yet. But just being with my family has been so much fun. I love having everyone around. My grandparents, my aunt, my cousin and playing with my dad.

I hope you visit Kolkata too. It is more than 300 years old. And very soon I will tell you what you can see in this lovely city I call my home (after Dubai).

Thank you for reading this piece of writing. This is Aadit the explorer signing out.

“whatever you do, don’t do it to harm the world “Aaditspeak

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3 thoughts on “SUMMER IN KOLKATA!

  1. Kolkata is my favourite places to visit… not only because I was born there and I have family and friends living there, it just reminds me of a ride in a roller coaster! Just keep visiting the place and one day when you are my age (shhhh that’s a secret), you will realise what I meant. Have you thought of adding photographs taken by you in your blogposts?


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